Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Occupy Movement

I have been reading many articles about the Occupy Movement - some journalists 'for' it, some against and some seeming to not understand it at all.  These journalists talk about how there isn't a clear agenda, blaming the protesters for not understanding what they are even protesting about.  For me it is clear - very clear.  The time has come for change.  Not just tweaking of some government policy.  Not more taxes or less taxes.  Not communism.  Not better capitalism. There are 1.1 billion people that are undernourished in our world, 1.2 billion people with no access to clean water, climate change is a reality with atmospheric CO2 31 % higher than in 1750 and methane 151% higher. We are losing an estimated 50,000 species a year!   The time has come for a new society where fundamental human values are lived and supported.  Where values such as love, respect, fairness, compassion, acceptance, integrity, joy and laughter are the basis for every interaction.  Imagine a world where every ruling party started their day with a meditation and that these values were embedded in their dealings.  It is these values that are embedded in the Occupy Movement.  It is what is enabling Occupy Wall Street to continue as a peaceful protest despite provocation and bullying from people holding positions of power for so long.  It is time for awakening - awakening from a slumber of greed, hate, bullying, and anger.  Time to awaken and see the potential in every living being. For me that is what the Occupy Movement is about.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Our children

Another child hurt, with boiling water this time - caught in the middle of adults fighting.  Very quickly outsiders get into the blame mode.  " is because of their ethnicity, it is because of poverty, it is because he is male, it is because of the government, it is because......" So easy to point a finger at what the reason is because somehow it lets us off the hook.  Not our responsibility! I would NEVER do anything harmful to a child!!  And I would very much like to think I wouldn't but the truth is I haven't walked a mile in their shoes so I don't know how it is for them, what reason they had for fighting, what reason another child is hurt.  But I do know the next question I am compelled to ask of myself is "if I knew a family was struggling would I step up and offer assistance?" Maybe instead of blaming and fault finding if we could genuinely ask ourselves would be offer help even if we didn't know them.  Would we compassionately walk alongside and support those in need.  How many of us sit in our Utopia and point the finger.  What would happen if we all cared enough to be involved in each others lives?  What if instead of that new car, bigger TV, latest X-Box we offered that money to help a family who was struggling.  What if we reached out a hand of love and support.  Lets build a beautiful world - for our children. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Enough of everything

Maslow's hierarchy of needs starts with the Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep. Followed by safety needs then need for belongingness and love.  Once these needs are met Esteem - feeling good about yourself and realizing your potential can follow.  Nowhere does he say to keep accummulating food and drink.  No where does it say build the biggest and most opulent house in order to reach your potential.  Having more does not mean better!  In fact what happens is that when greed takes over and becomes the driving force it gets in the way of progress.  Progress of the spirit and soul that is.  Somehow we have these two concepts - accumulation and self-actualization - mixed up.  So many have thought that by accumulation of wealth self-actualization naturally follows.  But more outside does not equate to more inside. There is enough actually - enough of everything for everyone - what has been missing is the willingness to share.  But by ensuring everyone has their basic needs met then everyone can reach their potential.  Just imagine for a moment what the world could look like then!!!!